s  n  i  d  e   (  s i m p l e   n e d i t   I D E  )

               s  c  r  e  e  n  s  h  o  t

               d  o  w  n  l  o  a  d

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s n i d e is a glob of GUI glue which ties together a collection of command-line development utilties into a simple IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Linux. 

f e a t u r e s :

  • Project Managmenet
    • Troll Tech's tmake utility is leveraged for project management, allowing easy, cross-platform makefile generation. Double click files in the project list to open that file for text editing.
  • Text Editing
    • snide relies on the most excellent NEdit text editor. NEdit is a powerful, extensible editor featuring configurable color syntax highlighting, programmable macros, shell extensions, ctags, etc.
  • Make
    • snide catches the output from make - double click on warning and error messages to open the appropriate file at the offending line.
  • Grep
    • grep front-end allows searching of all files in the project - double click on the returned list of matches and open the appropriate file to the desired line number. A 'search and replace' option allows global/selective search and replace.
note: snide is "works for me" software - if you want a real IDE, check out kdevelop
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